Why Do You Need To Clean A Septic Tank?

pumping septic tanks from the backyard tank in the countryside

The most tedious, messy, and unwanted job may be cleaning a septic tank. Septic tanks are taken for granted and mostly underground, the most neglected and hated thing. Some people feel like vomit just by smelling a little septic water, and some can’t even smell it. It is excreted from our body, a human body, but such is the nausea of it that no one wants to deal with it. But does that mean it should be left on its own, uncleaned? Thankfully our Plumber company in Costa Mesa, is there for us to do the job. Rooter Hero Plumbing and Air agency can be hired for contracted septic tank cleaning. 

Why does a septic tank need to clean?

The failing septic tanks are challenging to maintain, and on top of that, they are costly to repair as well. To prevent the septic tanks from failing and needing to be replaced, we need to clean and maintain them periodically. It is almost impossible to think about the tank replacement due to the cost and inconvenience it will cause. 

Before learning about the importance of periodic cleaning of the septic tank, let us first see what a wastewater system consists of – 

  • The drain waste pipes from the house into a septic tank.
  • The dispersion box and soli absorption or drain field.
  • The septic or settling tank is sometimes divided in half with a baffle.

The septic tanks can be concrete, fiberglass, or cast iron. The tanks must be located at a place of no disturbance. The inspection of the septic tanks can be well done by Plumber Costa Mesa near you. If the septic tank is not cleaned, then it can have – 

An adverse effect on your health: The septic tank failure lets the contaminated water percolate in the soil and can contaminate the whole atmosphere. The dirty water goes to the surrounding sources of water used in the home and can lead to an unhealthy water supply. This will result negatively on people who might fall ill. 

Effect on the health of the watershed: All the contaminated water finally meets the significant streams of water sources like rivers, lakes, coasts, or streams. We have already done enough contamination to our source water, so an initiative is needed to stop peripheral contamination. 

Having said this, we must give importance to increasing our awareness and improving the water filtration, treatment, and conservation programs. The government is doing what it can, and it is our responsibility not to let the water waste unnecessarily and to prevent the contamination of primary water sources. You can get valuable guidance from Plumber Costa Mesa if you need further details.  

What can be done to maintain and clean the septic tanks?

Septic systems are sensitive but can be handled with the help of professional Plumber Costa Mesa to keep a check – 

  • Hire a professional to inspect the septic tank every 2 to 3 years or need-based.
  • Do not flush hazardous waste.
  • Repair and replace all the old toilets and faucets that can get a leak. 
  • Use the water wisely, as much as you want, and do not keep the tap running when not in use. Keep the tap closed tightly.
  • Avoid parking or driving near the septic tank. Keep it separate and safe.
  • Household chemicals like paint, gasoline, pesticides, and others can affect the safety of the septic tank. Do not allow them anywhere near the septic tank. 
  • The septic tank can get clogged due to some waste. You must ensure not to allow cigarette butts, cat litter, coffee grounds, greases, sanitary items, and diapers to flush in the septic water.

Septic tanks are sensitive to operate and difficult to maintain. Let the professionals handle it. We, as individuals, must ensure the lesser clog in the wastewater system because that can put tremendous pressure on it. It is our social responsibility to check all types of the drainage system, and if any issue is found, we must invite the company representative to attend it. 

Conclusion: – 

If a septic tank is not emptied regularly and cleaned, the septic sludge will accumulate more. This can reduce the settling process of sludge, resulting in the tank overflow. For maintenance, calling Plumber Costa Mesa is mandatory as a field expert like Rooter Hero Plumbing and Air can properly take care of the sewage system.