Why Do Scots Wear Kilts?

custom tartan kilts

custom tartan kilts

You are probably familiar with the kilt, a traditional Scottish garment made of colorful woolen tartan.  custom tartan kilts are similar to a skirt that stops at knee height. And is known to be worn by men. Since the 16th century, this garment has been a cultural symbol of Scotland. And in particular of the mountainous region of the Highlands.

Although originally a formal garment worn only at special events, today it is commonly worn casually.

You are probably wondering where this particular tradition comes from, and on what occasions Scottish people wear traditional kilts. In this article, we will tell you why Scottish people wear kilts .

A) The Tradition Of The Kilt In Scotland

First of all, it is important to understand where the tradition of the kilt in Scotland comes from. Indeed, for anyone of Scottish origin, the kilt is a symbol of honor . First worn by those who lived in the Scottish Highlands, the kilt was a very formal and traditional way of dressing. It was a garment associated with the army: before 1792, those who wanted to wear the kilt in the Lowlands or Great Britain had to join the British army.

Not only does the kilt allow for smoother movement than pants, but it’s also easier to make. Its shape also had a practical side for soldiers since when it was used in a military setting , it could be used as a blanket: the skirt could unfold so that it could be rolled up in it to protect against the cold.

For the record, the custom tartan kilt was traditionally worn without anything underneath! It was frowned upon, even forbidden in the strictest cases, to wear underwear under one’s kilt. Find out why Scottish people don’t wear anything under their kilts here !

Today, although most Scots who wear kilts continue to uphold this tradition, it is no longer frowned upon to wear underwear underneath if desired.

B) The popularity of the kilt with the Scots

Today, the kilt is still worn by Scottish people who want to perpetuate this symbolic tradition of their country. In addition to the traditional appearance, the kilt is also appreciated for its comfort and originality . It is an outfit quite commonly worn for special occasions such as weddings, festive gatherings, or even parades.

In these cases, the kilt is worn with an elegant and dressy uniform since it is associated with formal events. Scottish clothes are currently trendy and can be worn in all situations.

On the other hand,

custom tartan kilt is a garment that can just as well be suitable for a casual outfit. Some wear it as street wear or to go to work, matching it with more classic pieces. Although the kilt was originally reserved for very special occasions, today it is a versatile piece suitable for both formal and everyday wear.

Moreover, its popularity is more limited to the Celtic countries  ! It is a garment appreciated all over the world, which also has an important place in the world of fashion.

Some countries have diverted the tradition of kilts by producing certain models with a material other than wool, or even different patterns from tartan .