What Jobs In  Silverpeak Construction And For What Salary?

SilverPeak construction

SilverPeak construction

The Minimum Salary

Be aware that regardless of the job you hold in SilverPeak construction, a minimum wage is applicable. Indeed, in Australia, the applicable minimum wages depend on collective agreements ( award) and vary according to the sectors. 

In the field of construction, it is the  Building and Construction General On-Site Award (MA 000020) which applies. When you are hired, remember to ask your employer under what status you are employed.

 It can be a casual (occasional), daily hire (daily) or weekly hire (weekly) contract. Your salary will be different depending on this. Workers hired under a casual contract benefit from a higher hourly rate due to the precariousness of their situation (no paid holidays, short notice, etc.).

To give you an idea of ​​the differences in hourly rates, during the week, the minimum wage (level 1 – without experience in the field), in casual you will receive the minimum wage + 25% per hour compared to a person hired at the week ($20.85).

If money is your leitmotiv, favor night shifts or agree to work on weekends . Indeed, the hours are much better paid (sometimes up to 50% in addition to your salary).

Be careful though, if you have a more specialized trade in construction, you will surely depend on another award, with different hourly rates (eg plumber, electrician).

To calculate your minimum wage, you can use this tool from FairWork .

The Different Trades In Construction

Here is a list of jobs you can do in Australia without having too much experience or qualifications. 


It is unskilled labour. Your role is to be available to perform various manual tasks on site. This involves carrying bags of cement, bricks, planks of wood, passing tools, assisting craftsmen, filling buckets of water and transporting them, handling a few tools such as a jackhammer or even insulation by example…

The advantage is that you will be in contact with the various building trades. That said, know that it is physical work and you will sweat. Pay varies between  $25 and $45 per hour  net depending on experience and the difficulty of the work required (allow $25 to $30 at the start and without experience).


This involves picking up debris, sweeping dust, but also sorting waste (general and special). The cleaner wears a mask because the dust is dangerous for the lungs. 

He maintains good working conditions by cleaning the site. It’s a job that remains physical, but reasonably. The pay is the same as that of a  laborer. On very small sites, you can even carry out both activities at the same time.

Traffic Controller

The traffic controller brandishes signs and ensures road traffic when traffic signs are not available. At the same time, it ensures the safety of pedestrians. 

The construction trade has the most women. Indeed, it is not very physical and well paid and some companies seek to feminize their workforce. Apart from the fact that you won’t be asked to be in top physical condition, you will have to stand for long hours, sometimes even in direct sunlight, and you will most certainly get bored… each advantage has its disadvantages! 

Reassure yourself by telling yourself that the trade of traffic controller  is better paid than most other construction trades since the hourly wage varies from approximately $31.(without experience) to over $40 (for experienced workers).

Skilled trades

Being an electrician , carpenter , plumber , paver or any other skilled trade on an Australian construction site pays off big time. Contact the company directly to promote your diplomas on the territory or to exchange directly with them about your experience, count at least $30 to $35 per hour.  

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