Top 5 Performing Virtual Job Fair Platforms

Virtual Job Fair Platform

Many organizations have changed their in-person enrollment endeavours to virtual events, including professional fairs. Not only are these Live streaming platforms an incredible way for organizations to keep employing, but also help in speeding up the employment system while keeping enlistment costs reasonable. The following guide will uncover the best internet-based Virtual Job Fair platforms.


VidCruiter currently offers a virtual trade fair platform for organizations that need to rise above competitors’ bustling timetables and geographic imperatives. Their internet-based vocation fair platform is an incredible way for organizations to draw in and vet many up-and-comers without a moment’s delay while offering an extraordinary experience for expected representatives.

Team creatives can utilize their platform to construct promotion pages to advance the event and afterwards plan offbeat video interviews of intrigued candidates with recruiters. There are likewise customization choices, for example, the capacity to give interviewers normalized recruiting rubrics which eliminate functional bias and complexity in the employing system.

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VidCruiter is extremely proficient and easy to use. In addition to the fact that users get a committed record supervisor and limitless training, they also gain admittance to a few convincing highlights, such as computerized planning, pre-recorded interviews, and interview rating guides.


Paradox has fabricated a virtual enlisting stage that permits organizations to rapidly create, promote, and run recruiting events. Olivia, their bot will take enlistments, remind participants about the forthcoming events, and help coordinate from the moment the event begins.

Olivia likewise directs pre-screens, and answers applicants’ inquiries while they hold on to converse with a hirer. Their foundation is incredible for enlisting, inside portability, or a swap for on-campus recruiting. Finally, they have no restrictions on clients or seats which can be advantageous for associations that need to run pan events.


Firstly, Paradox is a versatile virtual job fair platform and allows its users to create fruitful virtual events. And secondly, if organizers pursue this software, it can take a load off as it would accomplish the difficult work of dealing with event enlistments, sending updates, and acquainting job seekers with a live hirer.


Brazen has been a forerunner in the virtual exhibition platform for almost 10 years. It has a record for delivering an event in approximately 15 minutes and begins advertising to job searchers. Brazens foundation has numerous smart elements that would make it simple for work searchers to view as the right “booth” inside a job fair and draw in with scouts utilizing video calls or chat.

On the business side, there are many elements to help enlisting teams effectively draw in with and vet work searchers, including pre-composed reactions to normal inquiries, and the capacity to visit with various applicants without a moment’s delay.


Opting for Brazen would help organizers construct strong virtual profession fairs with its not difficult to utilize the platform. Top colleges and fortune 500 organizations depend on this software to offer an incredible competitor experience with events that incorporate 1:1 video calls, live introductions, sound or text visits, and considerably more.


Notwithstanding the pandemic, GR8 People has as of late sent off a virtual enlisting event arrangement that permits organizations to keep promoting and overseeing recruiting events. Their software permits organizations to turn up a marked presentation page for every event, gather participant feedback, influence layouts for computerized correspondences for enrollment and updates, approach event execution reports that can be traded to the association’s ATS, and pre-screen and welcome participants to self-plan an opportunity to meet hirers during the event.


GR8 People is a strong and reasonable virtual fair platform. It has an underlying amazing CRM and incorporates well with the association’s video correspondences application, computerizes enrollments, lets applicants self-plan, and designs the underlying email layouts.


Premier virtual has planned a virtual job fair platform that mirrors intently the experience of an offline event. Their foundation permits coordinators or team creatives to produce single events, or strategize around remote recruiting events consistently. Their foundation is extraordinary for associations who need to organize these kinds of events and need key highlights like text talk with pre-canned reactions, and 1:1 video visits to expand productivity.


Premier Virtual accompanies plenty of highlights that are readily accessible. A portion of its best elements incorporate an adaptable recruiting room, live streaming during events, candidate coordinating, working in email updates, and much more.

6. XOR

XOR’s virtual job fair platform is based on top of their AI-based enlisting programming. Their software permits creative teams to turn up presentation pages to rapidly catch event attendees. Before conversing live and personally with hirers, the organization can arrange robotized screens through bots that score the applicants. If underlying discussions work out positively, up-and-comers can quickly plan a full meeting with the recruiters.


XOR assists organizations with building first-rate virtual vocation fairs and provides the opportunity to admit limitless intelligent booths, the capacity to make wonderful presentation pages, and a live visit platform.


Hopin’s software engages associations to run virtual vocation fairs that permit work searchers and organizations to meet up through this handy platform. Their contribution permits associations to make enlistment pages and market a career fair.

Also, there is no compelling reason for participants to download the software as they can flawlessly enter the fair, and afterwards participate in a bunch of meetings, or private video calls with hirers. Lastly, there are a few unique choices on the organization side including Q&As, a speed matching design, screen shares, or pre-recorded recordings.


With a natural and adjustable design, Hopin practically interfaces recruiters and job searchers. Applicants can visit booths, go to boards, draw in with selective representatives, and build strong networks.


On the off chance that organizations are as yet recruiting, they will need to take a gander at virtual vocation fairs as a method for chasing and converting applicants. Notwithstanding, virtual platforms’ popularity assures that even after social distancing becomes less significant, they will remain an incredible method for connecting with up-and-comers. However, if one wants to organize the fair only on the best platform, they should choose Dreamcast.