Top 5 Lipstick Shades for Dusky Beauties

Lipstick Shades

What lipstick shade should I wear? Should I go for pink or red? Or maybe something else entirely?

The colour of lipstick has always been a subject of debate. Some think certain shades suit their skin tone better than others. Some prefer bold reds while others prefer natural colours such as browns and tans.

This article is for dusky beauties out there! It’ll help them find the perfect lipstick shades that elevate and enhance their beautiful skin tone. If you’re one of them, read on to learn more about what would suit you the best. 

Top 5 lipstick shades for dusky complexions

#1: Deep pinks

Pink is undoubtedly one of the most flattering shades of lipstick. It suits all skin tones and complexions. Every girl’s favourite, these pink tones are perfect for office looks and everyday wear.

Our Recommendation: Lotus Makeup Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick – Carnation Pink

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#2: Warm nudes

Contrary to earlier fashion trends, nudes have become a staple for people of all genders and skin tones. Warm nudes and similar lipstick shades look flattering on people with deep complexions. They can be applied in the middle of the lips to give them a fuller look. You can experiment with nudes by pairing them with bold eye makeup or even a glittery festive look. 

Our Recommendation: Lotus Makeup Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color – Bare Nude

#3: Classic browns

Classic brown lipstick shades would never go out of style. From the 90s till now, brown lipsticks have been quintessentially favourites amongst Indian customers. Brown matte lipstick works like a dream with warm skin tones and dusky beauties. They fit almost every style and theme of makeup and look extremely flattering. 

Our Recommendation: Lotus Makeup Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick – Nutty Brown

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#4: Reds

Reds are always the most bought lipstick shades from every brand’s collection, especially in the Indian market. Other categories of reds, such as maroons, also pair well with warm complexions. You can never go wrong with this shade. Confidently grab one, and we know you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous.

Our Recommendation: Lotus Makeup Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer – Red Fantasy

#5: Purples

Purples are also quickly becoming a popular choice regarding lipstick shades for dusky beauties. They look bold and add a pop of brightness to any outfit. 

Our Recommendation: Lotus Makeup Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick – Vivatious Voilet

While people with a dusky complexion can carry all shades of lipstick well, certain shades make a statement. Here’s some advice if you’re one of the amazing dusky beauties: Don’t restrict yourself to one shade. Try them all and wear one that suits your mood!