Tools to Watch Instagram Stories

Tools to watch Instagram stories include apps and websites that allow you to browse Instagram profiles anonymously – whether that means spying on competitors, researching influencers or simply viewing child accounts without alerting their owners directly.

The Anon IG viewer allows you to discreetly search Instagram usernames and download their Story or post without them knowing. It is free for use and does not require software download or installation.


Instagram Stories provide users with a platform for sharing images and videos that disappear after 24 hours, along with stickers, text, music and stickers. However, due to Instagram’s short 15 second time limit for videos uploaded directly onto its platform – making pre-recorded footage difficult to include in stories – Iganony can help by cutting long videos into clips of any length, saving them in your camera roll for upload to Instagram, Facebook stories Snapchat and Whats App stories.

Storeo is another top Instagram stories app, offering easy creation of slideshows of photos and videos that appear for 24 hours on your profile. It comes equipped with templates, effects, animations, music editing features, as well as the option of downloading external sources videos directly onto your phone memory.

Qoob Stories

This app offers an easy, free way to watch Instagram stories anonymously on any computer, with features and an user-friendly interface designed specifically to do that. You can download photos and videos, view posts, monitor followers from a computer screen, as well as create backup copies of all saved Instagram posts.

Qoob Stories provides additional features, including searching Instagram profiles by username or hashtag and saving Instagram Stories, photos, and videos from private accounts. Filter content based on location using tags while automatically downloading posts, stories, highlights as well as saving tagged Instagram posts in high quality quality.

This app gives you complete control of what it downloads. You can select which media type and download time you wish to receive; also set daily download limits or choose only to receive certain posts per day; refresh searches at any time or access a menu to update blocked subscriptions, pause or remove the app altogether.


Instagram Stories are an engaging way to share photos and videos with your followers, from boomerangs to collages – that you want them to see! Filters, emojis, text and mentioning other users. Plus you can engage your audience by hosting polls or quizzes!

Instagram Stories allows users to customize their Stories using an array of stickers. These allow you to include location tags, mention other accounts or even link directly to your story.

Sticker “Add yours” allows your viewers to contribute photos or video clips directly into your Story, while other stickers such as the emoji slider allows users to vote on an issue or question and the “question” sticker allows you to pose simple yes/no questions to followers. In addition, music tracks will play when people view your Story while adding hashtags will allow searchers to quickly locate it when looking up that hashtag.


Storistalker is an Instagram story viewer that allows users to access and download content anonymously without the need for registration or additional services. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Storistalker features many useful functions including the capability of viewing deleted stories and posts.

To use this tool, enter the username of a person whose story you would like to watch and click the search button; the site will retrieve their story for viewing in original quality and allow you to download it directly onto your device.

Storistalker provides you with a powerful way to monitor the activity of a profile and get a deeper insight into its interests and engagement level. It will show the number of viewers for stories posted by followers as well as popular posts by this profile – giving you valuable information about them that could help build more engagement among followers and learn more about who your audience members are and how best to reach out and interact with them.