The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide

Smm panel

Attendees at a recent Vocus webinar answered and asked questions of the scheduled presenters, Deidre Breakenridge, David Meerman Scott, Beth Harte, Lee Odden, and Brian Solis. Because we didn’t have enough time to answer all of the questions, we opted to pick some from the logs to provide some insight. Smm panel can also help you expand your business.

What is the most effective approach for me to increase my Twitter following?

This is a pervasive problem for which there is no simple solution (unless you employ a mass-following service, which may increase your numbers but does not necessarily provide a valuable audience that includes influential people). Although it takes time to grow, there are ways to make an impact now:

  • Make content that your target audience wants to read! Despite its simplicity, airing commercials isn’t the most appealing bait. Create and post infographics, movies, and slideshows instead; make astute and humorous insights; and provide stuff that your followers will find useful. Please give them a reason to follow and RT you.
  • Find your target audience and follow them; if you do it right, they’ll most likely follow you back. Find relevant people and influencers interested in what you’re saying using one of the various Twitter apps or search engines.
  • Join Twitter conversations to communicate with your target audience – this is a great way to offer advice, views, and knowledge to people who could later become followers.
  • Connect what you’re saying to current events and hash-tagged issues; this can help you reach a more targeted audience when people search for those terms and keywords.
  • Finally, periodically engage and reward your devoted followers with polls, competitions, and promotions to engage and reward them while also encouraging others to follow you.

What can I do to make my blog more effective?

It’s easy to feel like your blog has vanished into the ether, but there are ways to increase traffic and visibility.

  • As in question 1, write informed, useful, entertaining, and engaging postings. This article has more thorough instructions on how to create a superb blog.
  • Using your RSS feed or manually linking to posts you want to share, connect your blog to other social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Rather from spamming people to your site, leave genuine, informative comments on related websites and blogs. People will come to your site to see what else you’ve written and to hear what you have to say.
  • Most importantly, create content that provokes debate; your readers will be compelled to comment and share, and your traffic will rise.
  • Distribute: bookmark your entries, upload them to relevant sites, copy them to article-sharing sites, and so on; the more places they’re found, the more people will read them.

What is proper Twitter mutual following protocol?

Well, it depends on how powerful and significant you are – if you’re so large that 20K people follow you and only one of them follows you back, that’s great, but you’re not going to get much out of Twitter’s social component!

How do I use YouTube to sell my business?

YouTube is a standalone search engine that is gaining in use in social media and SEO. Its effectiveness as a marketing tool is highly dependant on your company’s goals, objectives, and content. There are, however, a few ways to leverage YouTube for social media marketing:

  • Make a channel to host your videos, link to your website/blog/social media profiles, and answer questions.
  • Use slideshows or infographic videos to support a blog piece or main argument.
  • Maintain a list of case studies.
  • Film interviews with business leaders, customers, and associates.
  • Have some fun – don’t take yourself too seriously (but also don’t delude yourself!)
  • Produce ‘How-To’ and instructive videos Many of YouTube’s search results are instructional and ‘How-To’ videos. Watching an example rather than reading an explanation makes learning much easier.

After you’ve uploaded a video, you may embed it on your website or blog and share it on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Get your work in front of people!

How can I track and quantify the return on my social media investment?

This is the essential question, and the answer is unfortunately not straightforward. The first step is to stop trying to fit social media into traditional marketing boxes. Social media affects your company’s reach and influence, which affects its popularity and website traffic, or brand awareness, which affects sales, conversions, and profit. So, how do you measure engagement?