The Movers Can Subcontract Or Not?

Best Movers Company Dubai

Best Movers Company Dubai

On its own initiative, no: the customer has contracted with a given Best Movers Company Dubai. And this company cannot entrust the execution of the move to another mover without its agreement. However, this possibility is often provided for in the contract signed by the client.

 The Unfair Terms Commission ( CCA ) considered that such a clause was unfair. Unless it provides that the customer will be notified of the change of carrier. And can then withdraw from the contract.

  NF mark

The NF mark has taken up this requirement, and the contracts generally specify that the customer’s. Information on the identity of the executing company must be given 48 hours in advance. 

Remember that the mover who uses a third party company does so under his entire responsibility. It is therefore he who must compensate the customer for damage.

Loss or delays caused by this subcontractor. And let us specify that the subcontractor who has not been paid by the mover can no longer turn against the customer

Can The Remover Demand Payment Of The Balance Of The Price To Unload?

Absolutely not. The contract signed at the start set the terms of payment for the move. Ie part on the order, sometimes a second on loading, and the balance on delivery. 

 For example, a mover who requires payment of the balance to unload. For the costs incurred by this delay: hotel, restaurant, purchase of linen replacement…

Is It Really Useful To Have An Estimate Drawn Up By Several Movers?

Yes. The prices are free. Experience shows that for the same service. The price difference can reach 20 to 50%. The (compulsory) posting of prices on the company’s premises allows, of course.

An initial comparison. Since the potential customer will find there at least the following information:

 price of labour, traction price per bracket of volume (with a fixed term and a kilometric term). Price of lost supplies and rental price of small equipment. But this is not enough, because the final price will depend just as much on the volume of the furniture. And the handling difficulties, as the mover will have assessed them at your home.

The Establishment Of An Estimate Presents Another Interest:

 the visit of the technician of the company, his questions, his advice, will allow you to judge the seriousness. And the professionalism of the company to which you will entrust your goods. To be used with caution. Quotes established by telephone or Internet; they only give an estimate of the price.

You can find ads on sites for connecting individuals, ads at very attractive prices. Systematically check that the advertiser is registered with the RCS and the National Electronic Register of road transport companies.

Please note:

using a company that does not comply with legal obligations (failure to register with the Register, etc.) or using individuals who get paid can lead to risks.

In the event of breakage, loss, etc., you are not covered by the insurance of the professional mover. And you could run the risk of resorting to concealed work (fine of 45,000 euros and 3 years’ imprisonment . We are also providing Villa Moving Services Dubai, painting services ,  handyman services in dubai