Mailer boxes are widely used everywhere, so why are they common?

mailer boxes

mailer boxes

Why are mailer boxes commonly used everywhere?

As we have moved on with time, technology has revolutionized our world. It has created so much ease for people in every aspect of their lives. They needed something which could secure the packages without conceding any form of damage. This is where the idea of mailer boxes was first introduced. It has provided the people with the opportunity to do most of their work by staying at their homes. This is where E Commerce was invented.

It allowed online shopping of anything from anywhere

now people do their businesses through it as well. Everything seemed easy at the start but the issue came when the companies were required to ship products to their customers all around the world. Soon mailer boxes were commonly used for shipping purposes. Nowadays custom printed mailer boxes UK are very popular and if you need to buy these mailer boxes with logo wholesale at cheap prices then I suggest you choose We have the best mailer boxes available for you in the UK.

What are mailer boxes:

Mailer boxes are one the most demanded boxes in the market right now. The purpose of these boxes is to keep the products safe from any damage during the shipping process. Mailer boxes have interlocking flaps which helps in closing the box. This keeps the product inside it safe. Mailer boxes are normally rectangular shaped and can store any type of object in it. The sizes of mailer boxes can also be adjusted depending on the requirement. We at Viveprinting manufacture custom printed mailer boxes with logo so if you want the best custom printed mailer boxes UK then visit our website

Choice of right materials:

Choosing the right materials to manufacture a product is critical. No matter what type of product it is, the customers deserve the best end product. Otherwise, they will never come back to buy your product again.

In mailer boxes case these boxes are commonly used during shipping processes so they need to be strong to help provide safety for the products within it. There are different types of materials which can be used to make these boxes but companies should opt for those materials which are going to provide sturdiness to these boxes.

We at Viveprinting UK manufacture custom printed mailer boxes with logo of the highest quality. Our mailer boxes have the ability to withstand external pressure in order to keep the products safe. Go to to learn more about our product.

Different types of mailer boxes:

As I’ve previously mentioned, here at Viveprinting we make different types of mailer boxes from different materials in order to fulfill a specific demand. The mailer box variations are as follows.

Kraft mailer boxes:

Kraft mailer boxes are made from kraft paper material. The kraft material is light hence the kraft mailer boxes are also lighter. The purpose behind these boxes is to ship those products to the customers which are small and soft.

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Cardboard mailer boxes:

Cardboard mailer boxes are manufactured from cardboard material. This cardboard material is also very light in weight and comes helpful in saving money during the shipment process. As we all know that the shipment is more costly depending on the weight of cargo so these boxes help in conserving money and sending products safely.

Corrugated mailer boxes:

Corrugated material is one of the most durable materials which can be used to produce packaging boxes. It has two sheets of fine liners and between them is a curled shape sheet. All these sheets are glued together to form corrugated mailer boxes. These boxes are normally used when a highly valuable product is in need of shipping. It protects these products from any form of damage.

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Types of corrugated mailer boxes:

Corrugated mailer boxes have further three types. These are listed as follows.

Designing of mailer boxes:

Mailer boxes are one of the most difficult to design because all the products which are going to be stored in it are going to differ from one another on the basis of their weight and other characteristics. Along with this the mailer boxes which are produced now have packaging inserts inside them. This helps in keeping the product safe but to nail the packaging insert in the mailer boxes is another thing.

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Printing on mailer boxes:

Printing on packaging boxes creates unique looking packaging for products. This helps in selling the products in the market because the customers opt to buy those products which are different and elegant looking.

Mailer boxes do not need printing of any sort because they are used for shipping purposes. But recently many companies have decided to create custom printed mailer boxes with logo of their own company. The reason for them doing this was because the market was filled with competitors doing the same work as them so they needed something which could put them ahead of them.

We at Viveprinting have new generation printers which produce the best printing on the packaging. The ink which is injected by our printers really showcases the art on these boxes. Our customers can choose different colors for their custom printed mailer boxes UK through pantone and CMYK printing options. Go to for more information.

Benefits of using mailer boxes:

Best for shipping:

All the companies which sell their products online use to deliver products to their customers. It keeps the products safe during shipping and no damage occurs to them during this process. Viveprinting have these mailer boxes available for you in all sizes. Visit our website and place your order now.

Cost effective:

Mailer boxes wholesale are going off the charts right now in the market. We at Viveprinting cheap priced with logo wholesale for our customers and those businesses which are learning the market. Get in touch with our representative if you have any query.


The materials which are used to manufacture these are all recycled. Viveprinting has always pushed for environmentally friendly products and through our biodegradable packaging boxes we want to send out this message to everyone that you should also do your part in keeping our planet safe.

Why choose us?

On time delivery:

Each individual here at Viveprinting UK knows his role and we work as a team to provide our customers with the best end product. We always push the boundaries to complete our customers orders before time and when it is done, we safely deliver it to your doorsteps without any charging fee.

Good quality product:

Each product manufactured at Viveprinting is of the finest quality. We leave no stones unturned. We try to develop each order by taking notes from our customers and we try to replicate their thoughts on our product.  

Customer satisfaction:

We have always tried to satisfy our customers through our services. There are always trying to convert their visions and desires on the desired packaging box. We listen to their feedback and try to improve our resources so that in future our product is refined.

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