Linda Yaccarino – One of the Most Powerful Women in Business

Yaccarino, known for her moral leadership style, successfully transformed NBCUniversal’s ad sales business, spearheaded its 2020 launch of Peacock Ad-supported streaming platform and spearheaded new data strategies. Additionally, she serves on the Ad Council board and chairs its task force on future work issues at World Economic Forum.

About Linda Yaccarino

linda yaccarino wiki has become one of the most powerful women in business through her extensive career in media and advertising. At NBCUniversal she leads its advertising sales business and develops new products and platforms for the company; additionally she serves on the World Economic Forum Global Future Council to consider media, entertainment, and culture’s future.

Since joining NBCUniversal in 2007, Yaccarino has helped her team generate over $100 billion in advertising sales and launch numerous initiatives including an advertising platform that allows advertisers to purchase ads across media sources.

She will now serve as CEO at Twitter, where she will oversee business operations and advertisements. Elon Musk will still oversee product design and software development aspects of the company as he transforms Twitter into an “all-purpose app”.

Sources report that Yaccarino is already making progress at Twitter, having revived their client council and revamping ad visibility for marketers on the platform. She has also reiterated the importance of brand safety on the Twitter platform. Yaccarino hails from Long Island where she currently resides with her husband and two children; she studied liberal arts and telecommunications at Penn State.

Linda Yaccarino is the Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal. She is responsible for over $10B in revenue annually and stewarding the company’s industry-leading portfolio of linear networks and digital platforms.

Longtime media executive, Yaccarino has received praise for her leadership of NBCUniversal’s Ad Sales team. Under her direction, it helped launch Peacock, its ad-supported streaming service; furthermore, they have implemented innovative methods of measuring advertising performance.

Yaccarino also leads at an uncertain time. NBCUniversal announced in May that Yaccarino would leave her role to become CEO of Twitter’s parent company X (formerly “Twitter”) just days before TV upfronts–one of the most critical days for ad sales executives–prompting much speculation as to why such an important job would leave to take on such a risky one.

NBCUniversal announced the appointment of Mark Marshall as its global advertising and partnerships chairman effective immediately, following Yaccarino’s exit. Marshall will report directly to NBCUniversal Media Group chairman Mark Lazarus.

He will oversee global, national, and local ad sales, marketing, and strategic initiatives as well as spearhead the company’s cross-company data strategy effort.

Linda Yaccarino is a passionate advocate for brand safety and transparency.

Yaccarino has earned her place as an industry leader with her innovative and transformative approach to advertising, helping her clients to achieve extraordinary results. Additionally, she stands as an advocate for brand safety and transparency – leading with integrity.

Once she took over as CEO of Twitter in February, Yaccarino immediately set about rebuilding advertiser trust. In her first interview since joining, she discussed her efforts to reach out directly to marketers and brands with concerns over its ad practices, while particularly engaging with those who had stopped spending due to fears their ads may appear alongside toxic content.

One of her top priorities was reaching out to Coca-Cola and Visa as prominent industry buyers, in order to reassure them that their ads would not appear alongside harmful content on the platform. This effort was vital in rebuilding advertiser trust after recent data indicated many major brands had cut spending due to concerns over quality ads on Facebook.

Yaccarino was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York among a vibrant multiethnic neighborhood that greatly shaped her perspective on the world. Through her hard work and determination, she rose to become one of the leading media and advertising executives – holding positions at several renowned companies with which her leadership and strategic acumen contributed greatly to their growth and success.