How to Watch Movies Together Online?

The pandemic is almost over and people are getting back to their old lives, the way it was before COVID shook the world. But we still want to stay in touch with our friends online, do activities together on the internet and keep maintaining our long-distance relationships. One of the online activities that you can do with your friends and other halves is watching movies together online. No, it doesn’t mean you have to be in the same room. You don’t. You can watch movies together, have the media in sync and be able to communicate with each other. This is the right place for you; this article is going to list ways to watch movies with your loved ones and friends online, without having them present next to you.

Gear Up

For watching movies online, you need an internet connection. And not just any internet connection, but a reliable one. Because your internet speed needs to stay on par with the internet speed of your partner on the other side of the screen for uninterrupted and smooth streaming. What if you’re streaming movies on sync together, and your video starts buffering and the other party’s streaming suddenly stopped due to your laggy connection? That can get a bit annoying for all parties involved. That is why for lag-free streaming, you need to have a good internet connection. Our recommendation is to check out the Xfinity internet plans.

Watch Movies Online Together

Watching movies online together is just one of the ways to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends. It’s basically like you are spending time with them, but virtually. Following are some of the ways you can watch movies together virtually;

Zoom & Skype. Through both these apps, you can schedule a video call with all your friends, have them open the video player on their screen, and press play at the same time. Everyone’s videos will be playing at the same time and they can comment on the movie by typing or using the voice call feature. 

Skype and Zoom also have the screensharing feature. This means that one person can have the movie playing on their laptop and share the screen so that rest of the party can tune in to the movie as well.

Gaze. Through this video-sharing tool, you can watch any videos or movies with your loved ones virtually. You can also sync-watch from any social media app such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Found an informative video that you want to watch with your nerdy friends or YouTube cooking videos that you want to share with your teammates? You’re in for a good time. Along with sharing, you can also do video calls or send instant chat messages to communicate while the video is playing. Just go to to get started. 

Teleparty. It is a Google extension that allows you to watch TV programs remotely with your friends and loved ones. Video playbacks are synchronized and group chats are added for communication with other members of the party. 

It supports streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Download the chrome extension to get started on watching your favorite movies online together.

TwoSeven. Another online platform through which you can host virtual movie nights with your friends is TwoSeven. You can watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Hulu, and more in sync as well as text and video chat.

TwoSeven is free for some of the streaming platforms, but to access others like Disney+, etc. you might need to shell out a few bucks.

Hulu Watch Party. Subscribers to the Hulu streaming service can stream movies and TV shows together, no matter where they are located. Find the Watch party icon located on the Details page next to List and enable it from there. 

Disney+ GroupWatch. As the name suggests, Disney+ GroupWatch allows all users to sync up to seven screens on the web, mobile phone, or TV to watch together. Select the icon with three people grouped together, located on the right side of the screen. It will generate a link to be shared with the persons you want to watch with. There is no chat feature in the Disney+ GroupWatch, instead, you can just send emoji reactions.

Keep in mind that to access all these apps, all parties involved need to have a subscription to streaming services. With no subscription, you cannot access the streaming services, hence, cannot stream movies with the other members of the party.

Final Thoughts 

Watching movies virtually is one of the nicest ways to keep in touch with your friends or loved ones, and also explore interests in movies and TV shows.