How to Use Vastu Tips to Improve Your Health and Happiness

The life that beats within is not physical, but the body that transports this energy is physical, and it has limitations as long as humans continue to live on this planet. Taking care of your body is crucial for this reason. If practised according to its precepts, Vastu Shastra can also be used to maintain good health. Your mental stability will improve as your physical health improves, and vice versa. 

According to the best astrologer in Canada, a healthy and active life is possible if the laws of Vastu are followed. In addition to protecting you from harmful influences, the principles of scientific architecture will help you attract the positive energy you need to enjoy life fully. Vastu is a tool that can benefit you and your family in many ways. The following is a list of simple advice that you can follow:

  • Bring some plants inside

Plants inside your home are a great way to clean the air and boost your mood. Some examples of Vastu-approved plants include Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Ficus, and Areca Palms.

  • Clean the house with Rock salt

The use of pink rock salt has been shown to enhance indoor air quality significantly. All forms of bad energy are blown away by the crystals’ tremendous wind element. In each corner of the room, set a basin of rock salt. Once a week, you can clean the floor with salt to eliminate germs floating in the air. Someone sick can benefit from the positive energy generated by placing the bowl nearby. It is essential to maintain a regular schedule of salt crystal replacement.

  • Stop water waste

Best astrologer in Canada say that water is essential to life and that wasting it is financially and medically irresponsible. An excellent Vastu treatment to improve your health is keeping a water bowl out for birds and strays.

  • Places for proper food storage

Store grains and other food items in the southwest corner of the kitchen to attract good fortune and wealth and to encourage the adoption of healthy eating habits.

  • Combust Camphor

Burning camphor in your home once a week is recommended to help clear the air of unwanted vibes. If you want to clean the air in your home, try using a mixture of neem and lemongrass.

  • Remove entrance clutter

A home with a tidy, dust-free entryway is more likely to be blessed with happiness and prosperity. Rock salt-infused water keeps the entrance from becoming a neglected zone that draws negativity.

  • Display fruits

A fresh fruit basket might help lift your spirits when you are feeling down. Fruits of various hues in an attractive basket can serve as a visual reminder of the need to maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Another way to encourage positive energy is to hang a picture of the same object in a prominent location in your home.

  • Add light

A well-lit entryway from windows or lamps creates a welcoming atmosphere inside the home. You may let in plenty of natural light by installing a window near the door or strategically placing a lamp or Diya in the foyer.

  • Choose art carefully

Removing artwork that shows pain, misery, or despair can help restore positive energy flow in the living space. To avoid bringing negative energy into the home, it’s essential to promptly eliminate any broken items, such as picture frames, mirrors, or non-functioning electronics.

  • Well-lit bathroom

Having adequate ventilation is a must for a healthy bathroom Vastu. Ensure that the northeast is the focus of your bathroom’s window and exhaust fan, this aids in destroying microorganisms and promotes a healthy, germ-free setting.

Avoid These Vastu Mistakes

By the course of action adopted, one can reap the benefits of, or suffer from, Vastu for health. Here are a few of the most severe mistakes to avoid:

  • The health risks of sleeping under a beam are too significant to ignore. Anxiety and depression are two mental health issues that may result.
  • If you want your family to have better health and more peace of mind, ensure the North-East corner of your home is always tidy and devoid of clutter. 
  • Additionally, avoid orienting your kitchen toward the North East, as doing so can lead to health problems for the residents.
  • You should maintain some distance between the restroom and the kitchen because both areas give opposite vibrations.
  • A lavatory, kitchen, or storage area beneath the stairwell increases the risk of health issues. 
  • Bedrooms located in the North-East are unhealthful and should be avoided.
  • Sleeping on a bed with worthless items or electronics under it causes heart issues and mental instability. 
  • If you want to avoid health problems and accidents, don’t put your kitchen in the northeast corner of your house.


Learn how, according to Vastu, a cluttered home environment might trigger all sorts of sickness. The best astrologer in Toronto says that if people follow these guidelines, they will have a much easier time maintaining their health.