How to Select Washing Machines


When choosing a washing machine, there are many factors to consider. These include the capacity and size. You can also consider the auto-balance system, and the cost. These factors will play a large role in making the selection. These tips should help you find the right machine for your home.

When buying a washing machine, size is an important consideration. There are no set standard sizes, but most washing machines are between 84 and 85 cm high, 59.5 to 60 cm wide, and 50 to 60 cm deep. Make sure you measure the space you have available to ensure that you get the correct size machine for the space.

The ideal best washing machine capacity for a family of four is between six and seven kilograms (kg). It is large enough to wash 35 T-shirts and three shirts, plus 2 pairs of adult or children’s jeans. A family of five may want to purchase a machine with a capacity of 6.5 to seven kilograms (kg) as this will accommodate three small towels, two pillow covers, and two pairs of children’s jeans.

Auto-balance system
Auto-balance systems help the washing machine detect imbalances and prevent them. These systems typically use a sensor or trip switch to detect large imbalances. If this happens, the spin cycle will be stopped and the user must rearrange the wet laundry. The detection process takes place at low speeds, below the resonant speed. Automatic balancers detect larger imbalances and produce higher vibrations.

Auto-balance systems are available in washing machines with multiple spin speeds. They are helpful for those who have a very large load. The pre-balancing process includes reducing the rotational speed of the basket. This is done so that more areas are exposed to movement.