In retail packaging, what are the benefits of gable boxes?

gables boxes.

gables boxes.

What are the benefits of using gable boxes in retail packaging?

The ultimate goal of a product selling company is to sell their products at high percentages and earn huge profits. Improving the designs and printing of the product packaging raised the sales of the companies significantly and keeping this fact in mind packaging companies created gables boxes. In early days this was possible by manufacturing a reliable product for the customers so that they bought these products every time they needed them. Now the time has changed and a new generation of people have emerged. Their taste and choices are also different so in order to please them now companies had to think out of the box. Companies now focus more on the packaging of the product because they know the customers of this generation like bright colors and unique designs. Gable boxes were different in design and could serve the same purpose as other packaging boxes. Its distinctive look incited the customers to buy the products inside it. This is the reason it is one of the most used retail packaging boxes in the market.

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What are gable boxes:

Gable boxes structurally look like a container with a flat base. When gable boxes were first introduced to the market by Dunkin donuts it was only used for food packaging purposes. Later custom gable boxes were manufactured because the market was getting filled with similar types of products so the companies decided to create divergence in it. Custom gable boxes can now be manufactured for any specific product. There can be medicine gable boxes or gift gable boxes. We at Viveprinting have the ability to produce these gable boxes of the finest quality. Visit our website and place your order now.

Choosing the right materials to manufacture gable boxes:

Material selection is important in making the product reliable. If you are manufacturing your products just for money then there is a high chance that you will not survive in the market and on the other hand if your products are good and providing those services which they are intended to do then you are doing your part right. In order to make the best gable boxes the manufacturers need to understand two things.

Firstly, they should keep in mind that the gable boxes which they are making has the tendency to hold any printing designs on them. Most of the time what happens is that when custom paint or designs are applied to packaging boxes these designs start to fade or just don’t work. We at Viveprinting USA have the best people and machines to make the best custom printed gable boxes packaging.

Secondly, companies need to make sure that the custom gable boxes which they are making are strong so that it provides the necessary safety for the products. Packaging boxes are always going to be used to store products so they need to be sturdy to withstand the weight of the objects. If these boxes are not made from the right materials, then they will break and cause damage to the products.

We at Viveprinting manufacture all our packaging boxes from corrugated or kraft material. These materials provide the best safety and can be customized up to any extent. Feel free to visit our website if you have any questions.

Designing of gable boxes:

The design of the packaging boxes nowadays needs to be different and unique. This has been surveyed many times that the customers in the stores get attracted by those products whose packaging boxes designs are unorthodox and colorful. The companies battle to get a big chunk of market share because it is a way to increase their sales. To make this work they need to have a product which will be different from its competitors. Gable boxes have provided the difference for them. Gable boxes have a simple design and have vast areas where custom printing is possible. In most of the packaging boxes this is not the case hence gable boxes are very effective.

Printing on gable boxes:

After designing comes another crucial part which is the printing on the packaging boxes. Companies which sell their own products would want their own logos and designs on their packaging box. This will help them create uniqueness in their product from the rest of others. Printing different artwork on your packaging boxes has also been noted as a vital factor to stand out among your competitors. The customers love amazing designs on the packaging of products and it is a cool way of catching customers’ attention in the market.

We at Viveprinting produce unique custom printed gables boxes packaging through the use of high-end technology and machinery. The printers which we use here produce high quality ink. This ink really livens up the design of the gable boxes. You can choose a number of colors for your custom gable boxes from our pantone and CMYK printing schemes. These will help you in creating your own brand and identity. Viveprinting have economically priced wholesale gable boxes USA so if you need to buy them then give us a message at

Custom gable boxes:

Gable boxes were used for food packaging at the start but once these boxes became popular custom gable boxes became a thing. Companies started making their own custom gable boxes for their specific product. Soon after this custom printed gables boxes packaging became a thing and every company started manufacturing it. Gable boxes can be modified to a great extent. If you want to have an edge amongst your rivals then these boxes can help you. There are numerous gable boxes available at which are of different designs. Feel free to check them out.

Window gable boxes:

Gable boxes have many versions depending on which type of product it is designed for. The most common of these gable boxes are the window gable boxes. The window gable boxes have a plastic window situated at the center of the box. The purpose of this window is to showcase the products which are inside it to the customers. Through this the customers know what the company is selling without the need of checking by hand or anything. Window gable boxes are also used to present luxurious products more elegantly. If you are in need of wholesale gable boxes USA then I suggest you buy it from Viveprinting.

Benefits of gables boxes:

Trying something different:

Marketplace is a very vast area where you will encounter thousands of businesses similar to yours. You will need to do anything in your power to gain an advantage over them because it is the only way to stand tall and earn money. Gable boxes can help in creating a different product for you. Visit for custom gable boxes.

Cost effective:

The market of packaging boxes is making more money than ever before. The wholesale of these packaging boxes is a good way of kickstarting your business if you are into these products. We at Viveprinting are selling wholesale gable boxes USA at low prices. Don’t miss this opportunity because it can help you in catching the big giants in the market.


The material which is used to make these gable boxes here at Viveprinting is produced through the recycling process. Our main goal is not only to satisfy our customers but also to promote environmental sustainability. Our package boxes are biodegradable meaning they will slowly decompose without harming the environment.

Why choose us?

On time delivery:

Our team at Viveprinting work day and night to produce our customers orders. We always push ourselves to produce their desired order before time. Once their order is completed from our side, we hand deliver it to their homes without any extra charges.

Customer satisfaction:

Everyone here at Viveprinting works hard to give our customers the best possible end product. We listen to our customers’ demands and try to replicate their visions onto the packaging boxes.

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