Difference Between Modem And Router? Which One Is Best

Do you notice what is the difference between a modem and a router? If your response is ‘NO’? In this article, we will show you the difference between a modem and a router.

Let’s Go,

What is Modem?

Modem brings the internet to your home. The modem has a public IP address. It uses a WAN network. A modem is a hardware device that connects to your home with the help of an ethernet cable connection to your ISP i.e., Internet service provider. Modem gets a signal from the ISP and transfers it into the signal of your local device which can use it. The connection between the internet and the house is also known as WAN which is also called a wide area network. Each modem has an assigned public address which identifies it on the internet.

What is a Router?

The router gives internet to your WiFi devices and it connects the device to the other end. It connects with the modem and device with the help of an ethernet cable. It makes a LAN (local area network) in your house. The router allows your device to share the files and peripherals such as printers. It manages all the information which is going from it. Meanwhile, the router does not connect to a modem to function. You can pick a LAN without internet access.

Do I Need A Router Or Modem

We remember that the modem is a network translator, on the other hand, the router is an air traffic controller. It communicates with planes, makes sure that everyone is safe, and keeps them in order. Modem and router are both separate devices but they work together to form your home network. However, with today’s latest technology, you don’t require a separate modem and router. Both modem and router merge the two devices and it works in one powerful gadget. The router provides a wireless network to your WiFi device.

Tip: If you are having only a modem that provides you internet via ethernet cable but now technology changes from time to time. The router provides your internet from a modem in the form of wireless to your device such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone, PC, etc. 

If you are confused about how to set up their router then don’t be confused we will provide you with some simple steps to set it up.

How to Connect Router To Modem Via Ethernet Cable

  • First of all, you have to join one end of an ethernet cable to a wall outlet and then join the other net to a modem.
  • Now, attach the modem power cord to an electrical outlet and attach another end to the modem.
  • After this, connect one end of the ethernet cable at the back side of the modem.
  • Then connect the WAN port i.e., the wide area network on the router.
  • Now join the router power cord to a power outlet and join the other end of a power cord to the router.
  • Attach a second ethernet cable to one port of the router and attach the other end at the back of the computer.
  • Now, check the modem and router light to confirm that they have power and connect to the network or computer.

How To Log Into The Web Management Page Of Router

  • First open any type of web browser on your mobile phone or on the computer like safari, micro fox, etc.
  • Enter in the address bar of a browser.
  • Now select the language that you prefer.
  • Use the admin credentials for both username and password.
  • After doing all this, click on login.

If you are thinking of extending the range of the router, then you will require to buy a WiFi extender. If you want to know about extenders then read continue.

What Is An Extender?

The wireless range extender is a device that is used to extend the range of the router. It lies between your router and a location where you want to get a wireless network coverage area. The extender works similarly to a repeater.

Benefits Of Wavlink WiFi Extender

  • It improves the speed of the network.
  • It removes all the dead spots.
  • You enjoy the speed of the network to the outside area.
  • The extender extends the coverage area of the router.
  • It comes in a very economical budget.

If you are interested in purchasing a WiFi extender but don’t know how to set it up, Don’t worry, just simply go to the wavlink extender setup portal and follow all the steps very carefully to set up an extender.


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