How Much Does It Cost to Hire Angular Developer In 2022?

angular web development cost

The current scenario is seeing a lot of new emerging technologies which are improving the growth of the business and serving the purpose of the end-users. For any business to be successful, it has become a mandate to create a digital presence with the best technologies available in the market. Among all the available technologies, experts recommend the Angular framework for keeping the functionality and performance of your application intact. It is easy to manage Angular projects and it offers elements that are reusable that save money and time. Because of this, the Angular framework is selected with open arms by business owners for their next product development. Do we know that the next thing that is knocking your mind is how much it costs to hire an AngularJS web development company? Let’s find out in this blog.

What Affects the Developer Cost?

There are several factors that affect the development cost of an Angular application. Here’s a list to look into –

1. Project Size

The development cost of any application depends mostly on the project or business needs. In most cases, the development cost of the application is decided by the size of the project.

• Small Scale Projects

Projects which are small in size, mostly do not have higher requirements and complex functions. Small or mid-sized companies are coming under the umbrella of small-sized projects. As they are small projects, they won’t take a lot of time and the cost will be lesser.

• Mid-Sized Projects

The projects which are mid-sized have much higher requirements when compared to the smaller ones. This is because it needs third-party integrations and API for making the applications feel more attractive.  As some of the third-party integrations are paid in increases the development cost of Angular applications.

• Large-Scale Projects

The enterprise-level projects need much more dedication and come with complex functionalities which increases the cost of the project. It also needs a more competent team of developers to handle the entire development of the project comprising the testing and technical support.

2. Developer Skills

Another thing that affects the AngularJS development services cost is the experience and skill set of the developer you are hiring.

Junior Developers

Junior Developers are the ones who have entered the environment of application development very recently and are having a maximum experience of around 3 years. They are having the basic skills of frontend development along with concepts of the database for completing the development of Angular applications successfully. Their cost of hiring will be the least.

Mid-Senior Developer

Developers with an experience of around 4 to 5 years fall under this criterion. They are having appropriate knowledge and experience of front-end development and are having basic knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks. Their salaries are obviously higher than the junior ones because of their experience level.

Experienced Developers

When you are having a large-sized project and want to hire top AngularJs web development companies having resources with over 7 to 8 years of experience, then the cost will definitely be on the higher side. These developers will have the knowledge of working with several projects along with an in-depth understanding of the technology. They are bringing both leadership skills and technical fluency with them into your projects. You can be assured that hiring them will give you the best solutions.


The cost of hiring an AngularJS web development company depends on a lot of things. The main two points are obviously the size of the project and the knowledge and expertise of the developers you will be hiring for your team. But before making up your mind, figure out the budget that you would like to spend and how much attention to detail you want to have.

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