5 Strategies Used by a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Help Win the Case

Criminal Defense

The main task of a criminal defense lawyer is to select the best criminal defense attorney tactics after reviewing the case facts and circumstances. Every case is different, and the best attorneys weigh all factors to develop a case theory and strategies that will most likely succeed. Criminal defense strategies are legal arguments and actions taken to get criminal charges dismissed and secure a defendant’s freedom. 

If you are facing prison or harsh penalties, it is necessary to consult an experienced criminal lawyer. No matter how smart you are, it is nearly impossible to completely defend yourself. 

Here are some strategies that criminal defense attorneys use to defend their clients who are falsely accused. 

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Mistaken Identity 

Incorrect witness identification is the major cause of incorrect accusations. It may happen if a person’s description is like a perpetrator

It may also happen if a witness assumes that someone committed a crime based on what they saw which might be misleading. Someone might also accuse you falsely if they are trying to cover up a crime that they committed. In this case, your attorney can use the strategy of mistaken identity to prove your innocence in a criminal case. 

Accidental Crime

Mostly the perpetrator is fine with charges and jail time if it is proven that the crime was carried out intentionally. But if your lawyer can prove that the act was accidental without any criminal intent, then there is a substantial defense against the charge. 

Even if the criminal act is a first-degree murder charge, it can be proven with strong evidence and supporting facts that it was accidental by using criminal defense legal services.

Police Misconduct

In some unfortunate cases, some law enforcement officials commit misconduct during investigations. These police officers try their best to cover up a mistake they made during the initial investigation, or they might think that the suspect is guilty and hence engage in misconduct to build a stronger case.

The most common type of police misconduct is using unnecessary force like tasers and lying or embellishing facts in courtroom testimony. 

False Confessions

Mostly, police have been known to coerce false admissions from innocent suspects using illegal methods like mental strategies, physical threats, sleep deprivation, and even starvation. Juvenile detention is more vulnerable to coercion. 

If your criminal defense attorney can show evidence of coercion, then it can change the course of the case. It can be made to have the admission tossed out and excluded from evidence. 

Involuntary Intoxication

There needs to be a specific intent to commit a criminal offense. When a defendant is involuntarily intoxicated, it can be considered a complete defense to almost any crime. 

There could be a case where someone mixes a drug in a drink that the defendant drinks involuntarily. Or it could be that the doctor prescribed a drug without giving any warning of its potential side effects. If the defendant acts out because of this drug and commits a drug, he or she might be defended using this claim.