4 Top Reasons Why Wood Blinds Are Great

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Window blinds are a fascinating subject but choosing the right one is tricky and sometimes hard. There are many terms in which you can categorize window blinds, from soft to hard window blinds, from natural to synthetic blinds.

Wood blinds are the type that is one of the hard and top hottest window blinds options there. The wood blinds that we are focusing on here are the real ones. When there is talk about wood blinds, many people take real ones and synthetic ones same. This is because of poor awareness.

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There are real ones that are standard wood blinds made from natural wood mostly of basswood. On the other side, there are synthetic ones made from synthetic materials. Like PVC, vinyl, and often polyester. The standard synthetically made is faux wood blinds, faux wood is not wood but in looks, it is very close to real wood.

Our main focus here is real wood, we are going to provide our best to make of aware of these luxurious and unmatched wood blinds. It is admitted that faux wood is quite the same as real wood still can’t beat and is not even near to the class of wood blinds.

We are giving 4 reasons why you should consider wood blinds as your primary window coverings.

Reason 1: Unmatch Class.

Wood blinds are timeless. Wood blinds are enough for that intense beauty that you are willing in your interior. Wood blinds are horizontal just like Venetian blinds. Faux wood blinds are also the same in all-over functionality.

Real wood and faux wood are quite similar but it is in class where the differences bring to pop up. The class of real wood is unmatched even Venetian blinds that are also made of real wood can’t get toe to toe with wood blinds.

The quality is on another level. Faux wood is not even near the richness of real wood. As I say wood blinds are mostly made from basswood. Basswood is backed with strength and very earthy indeed. Wood blinds are ok to install in almost every place except in a few that we are going to discuss further.

Reason 2: Carbon Dioxide.

We all know that wood can absorb carbon dioxide in order to emit oxygen, which is a pillar of life on earth. So how your wood blinds can benefit you here?

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With wood blinds your going to enjoy a much better and clear oxygen level in your place without using any expensive technology. As your wood blinds have natural wood so it will reduce carbon dioxide by absorbing it to give you much fresher air.

Fresher air means a better oxygen level in your body’s blood which leads you to have much better health. Poor oxygen levels can lead to diseases and good oxygen levels can strengthen your body to cope with any disease if in case you have so.

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Reason 3: Insulation.

Window coverings can be effective in maintaining a good degree in the interior. They can block the extra heat or cold from outside to maintain a good degree in the interior. This depends on two factors, one is how good your window covering is fixed edge to edge to your window, and the second is the type of material or fabric.

Wood is a natural insulator. It is enough to maintain a good degree and anything left is covered by the design of wood blinds. the material and design of wood blinds both are good for that quality insulation.

Make sure to have custom wood blinds in case you want extra. Ready-made wood blinds are a bit on a low level as compared to custom-made wood blinds. Custom-made wood blinds are superior then ready-made wood blinds and thus they demand more money, quite logically.

The fact that custom-made wood blinds can fit sharply across your window means that they can provide insulation at the very best because there are no gaps around the corners and the rest is covered by real wood.

Reason 4: Superb Privacy.

One of the top major reasons why people choose window blinds as the primary window coverings solution is because of their classy functionality. The functionality of window blinds makes them more than just a window covering.

Due to their superb functionality, they are impressively sharp in maintaining privacy. When the window blind is made of hard materials like the wood blinds are, then the privacy maintenance is going to be on another level.

The hard nature of wood blinds lets completely cut off from the outside. When they are shut they not just blur the vision like most of the window coverings do, but they completely cut the outsider’s view. They are also good at blocking harmful UV rays as a plus point for you. UV rays are not only bad for humans but also can cause fading on your furniture.